Welcome to a hub for greatness, we promote using the power we all possess to progress. 

This service is offered by an experienced Life Coach & Neuro-Linguistic programming Practitioner.

But most importantly; someone who cares.

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Business Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs and business owners hit new milestones and over come barriers with ease.

From Ideas to Execution, your coach will be by your side to support you form and embed the habits and mindset required to be successful.


Change the way you think and you can change your whole world. 

Unlock the barriers and discover the potential within you. 

Working with you to achieve your goals, by going beyond what is on the surface & ensuring accountability for change.

Career Coaching

Whether we are talking about progressing within your current sector, jumping into a new field, or discovering a line of work which will most fulfil you. 


Career coaching is an excellent way to assist with growth, change and achieving your career goals.

& Phobia's 

Eliminate your fears and addictions, simply and effectively. From a fear of flying, to chain smoking.

​Experience freedom from the addictions and phobias you feel control you.

If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it. 

Mindset is everything, thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become you habits, & your habits become character.  


How much are the coaching fees?

Sessions are 50 minutes to 1 hour long and cost £125 per session

5% discount when 4 or more sessions are purchased

10% discounts when 12 or more sessions are purchased

*Addiction and Phobia prices are bespoke and quoted after consultations

*These are our standard prices, bespoke packages are available too, check out our mastery weekend programme HERE it is affordable, unique, and remarkably effective for achieving goals! Tickets can be purchased HERE

How Many Sessions are recommended, & what is the frequency?

It really depends person to person. When a client decides to engage in more than one sessions (which is often the case), We require you to use a minimum of 1 session per month to achieve best results and to ensure momentum is maintained.

Who benefits from this service?

People who are ready to achieve goals in their personal life or within their career. This ranges from weight loss goals, to quit smoking goals to financial goals.

How is the coaching session delivered?

Either Face to face, Video call or Phone.

What happens in a session?

Transformation happens.

Coaching is delivered using a variety of methods to help you achieve your goal. Depending on the goal, and you as a person will depend on the best technique and strategy to support you into reaching your desires. Methods could vary from:

Empowerment coaching techniques

Heightened prospective teachings

Visualisation techniques

NLP practices

Ultimately what happens in a session is the best of you is bought to the forefront of you, enabling you to be able to resolve/explore/create the changes required to see the results you want.

What about confidentiality?

All clients are asked to read and sign terms and conditions before we work together. Our terms and conditions clearly cover our responsibility to ensure all clients from the point of contacts details are protected.

All clients who have provided testimonials have given permission for their words to be shared.

Is there some sort of self examination I can do, before committing?

Yes, check out our free life evaluation tool Here

What can NIX - MindsetMastery support individuals dealings with?



Life Transitions

Difficulties with Self-Esteem


Study Stress

Career Changes

Entrepreneurial Challenges

Personal Development

What is NIX Mission?

The mission is big but it is simple, we want to help as many people as we can to live their life in their highest potential, by doing this we will be contributing to the next generations wealth and experiences.

What are NIX Values?

Our values, the reward we get for the work we do, what drives us!

We value-






If you are ready for a change, start the change by scheduling your free consultation online now. Consultations usually last up to 30mins and yes they are completely free.


Or if you prefer to call directly, or text that's fine too.




Tel: 07552 083 799

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